Present Perfect 2021 Issues


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Present Perfect engages secondary school students with the world through the O Level syllabus formats, helping them find joy and relevance in learning English

The 2018 Subscription Bundle includes all 4 print issues of the year.


Issue #1 | The Survival Issue 

As youth living through disruption, find out what it might take to navigate the road ahead paved with both problems to tackle and opportunities to seize.


Issue #2 | The Big Tech Issue 

As digital natives who can’t imagine life without the Internet, unpack how the companies that create our online experiences are shaping our world, for better or for worse.


Issue #3 | The Fandom Issue

As individuals in an increasingly interconnected community, uncover how growing fandoms are gaining power in ways that lead to both progress and harm in society.


Issue #4/5 | The Essay Issue

O level 2020 questions