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2021 Lineup

ISSUE 01 | March

The Survival Issue

Themes: Education and Society

From changing realities to uncertain futures. As youth living through disruption, find out what it might take to navigate the road ahead paved with both problems to tackle and opportunities to seize. 

ISSUE 02 | April

The Big Tech Issue

Themes: Technology and Media

From unfair profits to censorship roles. As digital natives who can’t imagine life without the Internet, unpack how the companies that create our online experiences are shaping our world, for better or for worse.

ISSUE 03 | May

The Fandom Issue

Themes: Culture and Economics

From consumer culture to social movements. As individuals in an increasingly interconnected community, uncover how growing fandoms are gaining power in ways that lead to both progress and harm in society. 

ISSUE 04/05 | July

The Essay Issue

Themes: O Level 2020 Essay Skills

Expository, recount, argumentative, narrative, hybrid, situational. This issue provides writing skills and model essays based on the 2020 GCE O Level paper.

Present in digital, perfecting on print.

2020 saw big shifts in how we learn. We recognise that students, teachers and parents all need support in the transition to blended learning in schools.

This year, we’ll be presenting digital resources alongside our usual print issues to give our youth new ways to learn, while continuing to perfect their skills for a written exam on print.

These digital resources will be made free in 2021 as our commitment to help. Check out all available resources here!