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As a curriculum-based magazine with 14 years of experience in current affairs, we are well poised to address the shifts in focus in the O Level English exams and the EL syllabus 2020’s teaching emphases of building metacognitive skills.

Integrating current affairs into the relevant exam formats, Present Perfect teaches students to make the most of what they read and mobilise knowledge for exams and future problems.

  • Scaffolded approach

    • Guided learning
      Provides steps to activate schema, memory recall, checklist, vocabulary annotations, and essay plans
    • Progresses in difficulty
      From unit to unit, students progress through skills of increasing difficulty
  • Multiformat content

    • Graphic stories, infographics, and model essays
      Engages students with different reading preferences and teaches them to handle different types of content
    • Reading, listening, and oral communication exercises
      Allow students to practice their English O Level skills while learning about the relevant current affairs topic


Reading Programme

  • To introduce youth to current affairs
Content is packaged in relatable and engaging formats
  • To facilitate classroom discussion or individual engagement
  • To build students’ reading habits

Skills Building

  • To practice narrative, expository, oral, and listening comprehension
    In the O Level exam formats
  • As a teaching resource, homework, or online learning material
  • To train students’ independent learning

Present Perfect Classes

Stay tuned! We will soon be offering a series of classes during the school holidays for students to develop their writing skills and learn to handle content using our magazines.

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