Present Perfect 2020 Issues


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Present Perfect engages secondary school students with the world through the O Level syllabus formats, helping them find joy and relevance in learning English

The 2018 Subscription Bundle includes all 5 print issues of the year.


Issue #1 | The Mania Issue 

What drives us crazy and makes us hold our breath? This issue looks at the people and the trends that excite, divide and unite us.


Issue #2 | The Money Issue 

What does money mean to us? Who and what gives money power over us? This issue looks at money and its effect on our lives.


Issue #3 | The Conflict Issue

What drives people apart? What creates villains and enemies? This issue looks at conflict in the technological age.


Issue #4/5 | The Essay Issue

O level 2019 questions


Issue #6 | The Future Issue

What does the future hold for you, your friends and your loved ones? This issue explores our thoughts, aspirations, and fears for the future.