Present Perfect 2018 Issues


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Present Perfect engages secondary school students with the world through the O Level syllabus formats, helping them find joy and relevance in learning English

The 2018 Subscription Bundle includes all 5 print issues of the year.


Issue #1 | The Trendsetter Issue 

This issue will highlight the different influencers of today and take you through how they are helping to shape our tomorrow.


Issue #2 | The Gamer Issue 

This issue will look at the different games we play, from video games to the game of life, revealing the challenges that come hand in hand and the biggest takeaways from tackling them.


Issue #3 | The Extra Ordinary Issue

This issue will cover the seemingly ordinary people, things, and places around us and uncover the extraordinary in them.


Issue #4/5 | The Essay Issue

O level 2017 questions


Issue #6 | The Cities Issue

This issue will explore cities of the future and the cutting edge innovations implemented to thrive in our ever-changing and ever-unpredictable world.