Word Class: Nouns & Verbs

In English, word classes help us identify a word and its functions. Nouns help us identify people, places and things. Verbs help us describe actions. In the table below, see how just changing the nouns and verbs in a sentence changes the whole meaning.




Used to name people, animals, places, things, or ideas

Used to indicate a physical or mental action, or a state of being


Mary, cat, Singapore, shirt, table, answer, intelligence

eat, run, think, develop, answer, exist, appear

In a sentence

– I need the receipt to enter.
– I need the the ticket to enter

– Can you buy tickets?
– Can you find the tickets?


Proper nouns are specific names of a person, place, or thing and are always capitalised.

Verbs can serve as the subject of a sentence when they are in gerund form (when they end with “-ing”). For example, “Singing is my passion.”

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