Emotions may sometimes be unruly, but they help us flourish. Find out more through this listening comprehension exercise. You will hear a psychologist share about the nature of our emotions and their function.

As you listen, take note of the main ideas and details. Then, complete questions 1 to 8. The first has been filled in for you as an example.

  • Main Idea: The control centre of our emotions: The limbic system

    – includes the hypothalamus, the hippocampus, the amygdala and the limbic cortex

    – amygdala: helps to (1) ________ and _________ appropriate responses to potential dangers

    – hypothalamus: helps to (2) _________ essential body functions

  • Main Idea: Our (3)________ influence our emotions

    – the hippocampus is crucial to our learning and memory

    – our (4) ___________ affect how we interpret a situation

    – our brains (5) _________ what will happen and trigger our emotions accordingly

  • Main Idea: The function of our emotions

    – fear and anger activate our (6) _________ response

    – sadness serves as a call for (7) _________ from others

    – sadness motivates us to (8) ______________ our environment

    – happiness helps to maintain our general well-being

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