Restoring Language, Rebuilding Home

In this listening exercise, you will hear a teacher giving a presentation about the Northern Sámi language. As you listen, complete the notes. You do not need to write in full sentences.

  • Why languages are important

    • are tools for (i) ___________
    • are gateways into entire livelihoods, ________, cultural heritage and knowledge.
    • connect individuals to their  __________, giving them a better understanding of their present.
  • The Sámi culture and language

    Sámis can be found in different countries. The language is spoken across Sweden, Norway, and Russia.

    Most popular version of Sámi:  (ii) _________ Sámi
    Approximate number of speakers today: _________

  • Background of Sámi culture and language loss

    In the 17th century, Sámis were being (iii) ___________ into the larger communities. People were encouraged to adopt Norwegian customs and traditions, rather than their own.

    The Sámis were even ___________from studying or speaking the Sámi language at one point.

  • Efforts to restore the Sámi language and culture

    Thanks to the European Charter for Regional Minority Languages, Sámi gained legal protection and recognition as a language.

    Strategies to promote the language:

    • use of language in (iv) __________
    • government-supported ________festival
    • teaching of language in special schools

    representation in popular culture, such as  ___________

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