As environmental awareness grows, many companies are jumping on the bandwagon to promote eco-friendly practices. What are some ways to discern which of these companies are truly committed to sustainable production?

You will hear two friends talk about the legitimacy of eco-friendly clothing.

  • 1. Suri thinks that greenwashing is hard to catch because

    A. the clothes advertised are very fashionable.

    B. of the extensive amount of information available.

    C. we have limited access to the relevant information.

    D. many companies are secretly greenwashing.

  • 2. Ultimately, Max says that the key way to practice sustainable fashion is

    A. to learn how to repair old clothes.

    B. to stop purchasing any clothes.

    C. to check for the official certification of eco-friendly items.

    D. to cut down the number of new clothing items purchased.

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