Than vs Then

Can you tell the difference between “than” and “then”? They look similar but have completely different uses and meanings! Here are some tips to learn how to differentiate them.

  • Than

    A conjunction used to make comparisons.


    e.g. Your phone loads videos faster than mine.


    • The ketchup is hotter than the chilli sauce.

    • The ketchup is hotter then the chilli sauce.

    Tip: When than is used, there will always be a comparison between two things. In the example, we are comparing the ketchup and the chilli sauce.

  • Then

    An adverb used to tell the sequence of
    actions and time.

    e.g. Create an account, then join the game.

    e.g. The app was in its early stages then.

    • If you see the big picture, then you will understand why.

    • If you see the big picture, than you will understand why.

    Tip: When then is used, there will always be an element of time. In the example, there is a sequence. We must see the bigger picture before we can understand why the ketchup is hotter than the chilli sauce.

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