How to Up Your Vocab Game: Friendship Edition

The words we choose help us to expand the points we are trying to convey. See how changing up the different nouns, verbs and adjectives make the writer’s argument more complete and convincing!


'It is hard to find friends on social media'. Is this true for you? Stance: not true

  • Not convincing

    The people I meet on social media are good. Sometimes it is hard to meet people who are like me. But online, I can find such a group.

  • Slightly convincing

    The acquaintances I connect with on social media are fun to talk to. Sometimes it is hard to meet friends who like the same things as I do. But online, I can find friends that I can easily identify with.

  • Very convincing

    The friendships I forge on social media are very fulfilling. Sometimes it is hard to meet friends who share my interests. But online, I can meet buddies whom I can resonate with. Together, we gush, or cry, over the latest updates in our circle.

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