Situational Writing: Expanding the Details

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Develop your writing by expanding on the information provided in the visual stimulus with details from your own context and experiences. This will help your essay to stand out. It also shows that you are able to understand and apply the content in the visual stimulus to your own context.
  • Without Your Own Details

    Your essay is generic, reads like many other scripts and may not engage the reader.

  • With Your Own Details

    Your essay is differentiated from other essays with details that are unique to your life experiences and leave an impression.

Question Prompt

Your school is organising a post-examination activity for students, and they are taking in student ideas. You have decided to propose the following:
Sentosa Inter-Class Amazing Race 
Navigate challenging obstacles, solve riddles, and complete exciting tasks at various locations on the island.
  • Without Your Own Details

    Participating in the Sentosa Inter-Class Amazing Race will allow students to navigate challenging obstacles and solve riddles in Sentosa. They will also be able to complete exciting tasks.

  • With Your Own Details

    My peers and I will thoroughly enjoy the Sentosa Inter-Class Amazing Race. Many of us studied so diligently for our year-end exams that we did not have time for physical activities or a change in scenery. The Amazing Race will let us do just that, with challenging obstacles that will take us exploring around the beautiful island.

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