Paraphrase: Unpacking the Full Meaning

Paraphrasing requires us to re-tell the given point in our own words. In this practice, spot clues in the passage that can help you think of alternative words to use in your paraphrase.

Unpack the word in context

Sometimes you can directly replace words or phrases with synonyms. Synonyms are words that mean almost the same thing. However, if you do not have an immediate replacement in mind, look for other clues in the passage to give you ideas on how to switch out the words used.

  • Direct word replacement

    “worried / anxious” to replace “concerned”

    Brainstorm for words that have a similar meaning to concern. Be sure that the tense and word form you use fits the sentence.

  • Look for other clues

    “following the latest trends” to replace “doing the right thing”

    The second part of the sentence elaborates that we consult travel applications “for the most popular” places. This tells us that by “doing the right things” the writer means doing what is trendy/popular and hence seen as a must-do activity.

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