Paraphrase: The First Two Steps

In the written comprehension paper, one common question type requires you not only to answer a question but to write your answer using your own words. In this practice, learn the first two steps needed to paraphrase your answers.

The Two Steps

To ensure that you hit the question requirements, first ensure that you have all the content points needed to answer the question before you proceed to paraphrase.

  • Step 1
    Identify the content points that
answer the question

    What made the festival seem “epic” or extraordinary?

    • The event was advertised as a glamorous event
      [Line 3]
    • The event was advertised as taking place on an exclusive island. [Line 4]
    • The event was promoted by renowned social media influencers [Line 4]
  • Step 2
    Use synonyms to paraphrase
 each content point

    Switch out the key words and phrases with words that have a similar meaning

    • The festival was promoted as an alluring event
    • that would be held on a private island.
    • It was also publicised / popularised by famous social media celebrities.

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