Is Gene Editing Worth the Risks?

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” Many of us are captivated by the opportunities and solutions that the latest science and technology advancements can offer. But with great power comes great responsibility and, as we shall see in this listening comprehension exercise, some tricky implications.

You will hear five short recordings. In each recording, a speaker discusses his or her opinion on the ethics of gene editing in various industries.

  • Choose from the list (A-F) what each speaker says about gene editing. There is one extra statement that you do not need to use. Do not use any letter more than once.

    A. DNA editing could be harmful to existing populations of animals that were not gene-edited.
    B. Genetic modification helps to create a perfect world.
    C. Humans may be selfish in trying to genetically engineer animals.
    D. Gene editing could create food that meets the dietary needs of more people.
    E. The chance to ease the pain of illness takes precedence over the risks of gene editing.
    F. Gene editing could cause dangerous side effects that we do not yet fully understand.

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