Identify Evidence: Anecdotal

One common question type in comprehension papers requires you to identify how a writer or person justifies the points they make. To do so, pick out the examples given to support their points. Try the practice below!

Identify Evidence

In the passage above, Star Trek fans use anecdotal evidence to support their views. This refers to opinion given from their individual experience. See how to spot this in the passage.

  • Step 1
    Look for the given point in the passage

    Look for where the subject is talked about in the passage. Above, the Star Trek fans are mentioned in lines 4 – 5.

  • Step 2
    Look for the evidence given to support the point

    When looking for evidence, look out for words that are commonly used to signal that the writer is giving supporting points: “cite”, “quote”, “refer to”, “talk about”, “point to”, “recount”

    In the passage above, the author uses the word “cite”. Look at what is being cited as the example given to justify their support for space research.

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