How to Up Your Verb Game: Shopping Edition

Verbs! They are the only word form that’s absolutely necessary to make a sentence. Verbs are action words, they tell us what the subject is doing, thinking or feeling. Given their importance, let’s explore how to use these words well!


It is often said that people are too concerned with getting things and spending money. What is your opinion?

  • Low Intensity

    People tend to buy things to follow the latest trends due to the influence of social media. Glancing at others’ social media posts can lead us to want what we do not have. 

  • Medium Intensity

    People tend to accumulate items to keep up with the latest trends due to the influence of social media. Observing others’ social media posts can influence us to desire what we do not have. 

  • High Intensity

    People tend to hoard items to chase after the latest trends due to the influence of social media. Fixating on others’ social media posts can compel us to covet what we do not have. 

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