Expository: Using PEEL

An expository essay paragraph generally follows this structure: point, elaboration, example, link. To conclude the argument well, ensure the link reiterates the main point. 

Structure your paragraphs with the PEEL format

Once you have your points, use the PEEL format to structure each paragraph to develop your idea clearly. This is useful not only for expository essays, but for oral communication and any other time you need to get a point across!
  • Without PEEL

    Missing point
    Your reader will be lost as to what your point is and how it answers the question.

    Missing example
    You do not show how your point is evidenced in the world.

    Missing link
    Your reader might have forgotten what your point was, or how the example given supports the point.

  • With PEEL

    Tells your reader immediately what your paragraph will be about and how it directly answers the question.

    Further explains your point, giving any additional details needed.

    Supports your point by giving evidence of how it can be seen in the world.

    Reiterates your point and transitions to the next paragraph.


“Holidays are the best days.” Discuss.
  • Without PEEL Underdeveloped

    We may not have previously baked because we were busy with other obligations. Being stuck at home means we get the chance to pursue these hobbies. We also get to garden.

  • With PEEL Well-developed

    Holidays give us a time to pursue enjoyable home projects. These may be projects we always wanted to pursue but never had the time for. During the pandemic, the sale of baking goods and gardening tools skyrocketed as people took to these projects for respite. Hence, while we may not enjoy holidays the same way we used to, they still give us time to pursue fun projects.

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