Expository: Topic Sentences

An expository essay paragraph generally follows this structure: point, evidence, explanation, link. To conclude the argument well, ensure the link reiterates the main point. 


One look at your topic sentence/point for each paragraph and your reader should get the main idea of your paragraph. Be careful not to get too specific!
  • Too Specific

    Tends to be too long-winded, confusing your reader on what your point is.

  • Just Right

    Gives sufficient detail about what you will talk about in your paragraph to answer the question.


“Holidays are the best days.” Discuss.
  • Too Specific

    Since the pandemic, the holidays mean we have to stay at home and get stuck with family. However this also means we have time to bake and we can bake vanilla cupcakes with my favourite topping, coloured dotted sprinkles for a fine finish.

  • Just Right

    While the pandemic means we are stuck at home, holidays still give us a time to pursue other enjoyable home projects.

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