Expository: the Expectation vs Reality Framework

Once you’ve identified the main topic to address in your essay, one way to plan your points is to think about the topic in relation to our expectations versus reality. How we imagine things to be tends to differ from what ends up really happening, especially when we look at the same issue from different angles or gather more information.

    You would think that . . .

    • Celebrities would be living the dream life 

    • The best musicians would be famous

    • Repetition would be boring

    • You would need good instruments to create good music

    But actually . . .

    • Celebrities experience very high levels of stress

    • Some of the best musicians play back up

    • Pop music today relies on formulas and repeated patterns

    • Some of the greatest music has been played with subpar instruments


Pop music today is better than before. What are your views?
    You would think that . . .

    • Pop music today caters to the masses and does not always prioritise quality.

    • Artistes today tend to simply replicate past successful works, resulting in less variety in pop music.

    But actually . . .

    • Today’s technology allows for artistes to maintain a high standard while catering to a mass audience.

    • Although pop music artistes today do lean on past music styles, many seek to push the envelop, resulting in new levels of innovation and mastery.

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