Expository: Circles of Influence Framework

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One way of addressing a statement is to use the Circles of Influence framework. Think about how an issue affects different stakeholders ranging from the individual to the wider society.
  • Without the Framework

    Your essay might focus too much on the subject from the same point of view.

  • With the Framework

    The structure helps you examine the issue from a wider range of perspectives. Think about how the topic at hand impacts the individual > immediate community > wider society (national or international level)


A wider variety of vending machines should be more available. Discuss.
  • Without the Framework

    Point 1: This will help make customers’ lives more convenient.

    Point 2: Items from vending machines also tend to be cheaper, and this will lower the cost of more products for customers.

    Point 3: Vending machines are fun to use, customers can enjoy using them.  

  • With the Framework

    Point 1: This will make people’s lives more convenient.

    Point 2: Vending machines could be the solution for an area with less space and not enough manpower. 

    Point 3: Society might lose out on the benefits of the human touch as people are in less contact with the individuals providing their daily needs.

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