Descriptive: Spatial Order

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Once you have your points, it is sometimes helpful to structure your essay using spatial order. This is especially useful if you are tasked to write about a place.
  • Without Spatial Order

    The descriptions might be confusing, especially without the help of proper signposting.

  • With Spatial Order

    The descriptions help the reader form an accurate understanding of how the place looks. Your descriptions can be ordered from left to right of the scene, or from the bottom to the top (if there are a few levels).


Describe your favourite room in the house.
  • Without Spatial Order

    • My favourite room in the house is the balcony that has been converted to my study area. It is a hot place though, so I keep the fan blasting in my face. My grandmother often spends the day with me, sitting in her old rocking chair. I also have a little nook to rest, with a beanbag and a cardboard box turned upside down to serve as a makeshift coffee table.
  • With Spatial Order

    • Tucked away in a corner of our home is my favourite room in the house: the balcony that has been converted to my study area.

      At the centre is a large black oscillating fan. As the balcony is right by a large window, it can get very hot in the afternoon.

      On the left of the fan is my desk area, strewn with writing supplies and with books and assignments piled high.

      Whenever I need a break, I hop over to the right side of the area. There, I have a little nook to rest. My grandmother’s rocking chair is next to my beanbag, and she often spends the day with me in her chair.

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