Descriptive: People and Place

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It is useful when describing a scene to think about the people who would be present and how the place would look and feel. This can help you brainstorm and plan for your essay.
  • Place

    Some helpful questions to ask: 

    • What is the place you’re writing about? (sometimes the question specifies this)
    • What does this place look like?
    • What are some of its unique features? What is it known for?
    • How old is this place?
    • What are the things you can do here?
  • People

    Some helpful questions to ask: 

    • What is their demographic?
    • What are they doing there?
    • What is their relationship to the place? Are they frequent visitors?
    • Who are the ones you want to highlight?


Describe your favourite room in the house.
  • Without Descriptions of a Scene

    • The balcony that has been converted to my study area.
    • It is hot being so near the window and so I keep the fan blasting in my face.
    • I also have a little nook to rest, with a beanbag and a cardboard box turned upside down to serve as a makeshift coffee table.
    • My grandmother’s old rocking chair is in the corner.
  • With Descriptions of a Scene

    • I share this spot with my grandma.
    • Most of the time, she sits in her rocking chair and watches shows on her iPad.
    • At noon, my mother pops her head in to call us for lunch. My grandmother breaks into a happy grin: she is all ready to catch me up on the latest episode she has been watching.

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