Descriptive: Mind, Body, Heart

A personal recount generally follows this structure: introduction, tension, climax, resolution, reflection. To lead up to a high point in the climax, ensure the build-up is suspenseful.

Plan using Mind, Body, Heart framework

One way to plan your descriptive essay is to relate the question topic to one’s state of mind, physical body, and emotions (the heart). This allows you to evaluate the value or effect of the question topic on a person, including yourself.
  • Without Mind, Body, Heart framework

    Your descriptions lose sight of the question and become superficial.

  • With Mind, Body, Heart

    Your descriptions are focused on an in-depth evaluation of the question topic:

    Mind: How your thoughts are affected
    Body: How your physical well-being is affected
    Heart: How your emotions are affected


Describe your favourite song. Why is this song your favourite?
  • Without Mind, Body, Heart

    Frances’ Let it Out has an upbeat and rhythmic tempo, as well as smooth vocals. The song’s lyrics speak about the importance of open communication. Towards the end, after Frances’ powerful last note, the piano trails off into silence. Overall, the piece is very emotional.

  • With Mind, Body, Heart

    The lyrics of Frances’ Let It Out remind me that being open about my thoughts helps to build relationships.
    The upbeat and rhythmic tempo always moves me to dance in my own personal concert.
    Every time I hear the tune of this song, I am gladly reminded of my favourite holiday trip with my friends.

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