Descriptive: Effective Verbs

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Verbs are more effective when they are specific to the point you are trying to put across. Choose verbs that will communicate the mood and tell you about the manner in which an action is done.
  • Low-Impact Verbs

    The verbs used are generic and do not help to bring added details to your writing.

  • High-Impact Verbs

    The verbs used communicate the details of the action, and even the emotions and mood that follow what is taking place.

Describe your favourite phone app.

Choice: My favourite phone app is Spotify.
  • Low-Impact Verbs

    With Spotify, the world around me becomes more vibrant. I can listen to the rock music of the 90s, enjoy the soothing sound of ocean waves and even pretend to be in a sad music video with Olivia Rodrigo’s songs.

  • High-Impact Verbs

    Spotify transforms the world around me. In an instant, I find myself rocking out to the music of the 90s, or relaxing to the soothing sound of ocean waves. I can even get whisked into a sad music video with Taylor Swift’s music on.

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