Construct Compelling Characters: How to Write a Robot (Part 1/2)

Developing an engaging protagonist can be challenging, especially if said character is a robot. Let us turn to some of our favourite movies to find out how we can develop robot characters that will delight and excite our readers!

Interesting Qualities

Develop a memorable personality for your character to keep your reader
engaged in your character’s story.

  • Next Gen’s 7723

    As 7723 accumulates more memories, he is faced with a conundrum. If he reaches maximum capacity, he will undergo a total system reset and lose all his memories with Mai.

  • Big Hero 6’s Baymax

    Baymax resembles a big marshmallow, but do not be fooled by his cuddly appearance. With his newly installed karate techniques, two rocket thrusters and battle armour, Baymax is a lethal threat to anyone who threatens his friends.

  • Wall-E

    After 700 years of processing human trash, Wall-E has developed a deep curiosity and admiration for random objects. Together with his pet cockroach Hal, Wall-E buzzes in wonder at the strange objects humans left behind. Wall-E proudly displays his items on a rotating shelf: a Rubik’s Cube, a light bulb and a lighter.

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