Argumentative: Writing a Convincing Example

Last week, you learnt how to plan out your essay points using the expectations versus reality framework. In further developing your essays, it is important to use examples that will convince your reader of your stand. This is especially crucial for argumentative writing.

  • Unconvincing

    Your examples are

    Subjective: from a partial, non-credible opinion

    Personal: based on individual experiences that may not be indicative of broader realities 

  • Convincing

    Your examples are

    Factual: based on verifiable evidence

    Objective: from a balanced, reliable source that surveys a wider range of experiences 


“Eco-friendly clothing is the need of the hour.” Do you agree?
Point: Fashion companies have started pivoting towards sustainable fashion.
  • Unconvincing

    I have been seeing more second-hand stores around as compared to five years ago. 

  • Convincing

    Patagonia’s Worn Wear initiative repairs customers’ apparel to help them buy less. Other brands such as H&M and Uniqlo have followed suit with similar schemes. 

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