Argumentative: Understand the Argument

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In an argumentative essay, it is important to fully respond to the argument presented by the question. To do so, take some time to understand it.
  • Miss The Argument

    You address the topic but not the question argument. This can happen when you do not address the relationship between the key words. As a result, you may not correctly identify the argument type.

  • Engage The Argument

    Your points directly respond to the type of argument the question is putting forth. One common argument type is the causal argument, an argument that is used to argue that one thing has caused something else.

Do you agree that it is crucial to be active to lead a fulfilled life?

Stance: Agree
  • Miss The Argument

    Many people enjoy being active.

    The topic sentence above does not address the main argument about whether being active is necessary to lead a fulfilled life.

  • Engage The Argument

    Many people find that leading an active lifestyle enables them to have a fulfilled life.

    The topic sentence above argues that an active lifestyle gives people the ability to lead a fulfilled life.


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