You will hear a career coach share about the skills we need to practice to connect with people on social media. As you listen, complete the notes. You do not need to write in full sentences.

  • Social networking on social media

    (i) making a good professional connection takes _______, ________and _________

  • (ii) _________ is important

    Make the effort to ____________ the person, ____________ and _____________
    Share the articles that ______________ with you and include why you found their contribution insightful or inspiring

  • Reach out to make your request

    (iii) Be clear about what _______________
    recognise your value: less tangible assets such as ___________ and _________ are underrated but very valuable

  • Build your ability to navigate diversity

    Practice holding conversations with people who do not (iv) __________________
    Keeping an open mind will ______________ your experience and it shows people that you can ____________________

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