In this listening comprehension exercise, we hear more about fandom activities and how some people are turning their hobbies and interests into careers.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • You will hear an organiser of Singapore’s Comic Con share some tips for attending a fan convention.

    As you listen, take note of the main ideas and details. Then, complete the graphic organiser. The first has been filled in for you as an example.


    Questions 1 – 7

    Main Idea: Tips on Convention Etiquette

    – pick one to two things you absolutely want to see and do

    – do not spend all your money at (1) ________________

    – your costume weapon may be (2) ___________ if it is ________________

    – bring a Sharpie marker and poster tube


    Main Idea: Things to (3)_______________

    – interact with new people and connect over common interests

    – caters to a wide variety of interests

    – presence of incredible 4) ________________


    Main Idea: Beyond Comic Con – What is Next?

    – after the event you might experience 5) ________________

    – head over to for more information on (6) ____________________

    – be sure to catch the (7) ____________________

  • You will hear a local university student talk about esports and her journey to become a professional esports athlete.

    As you listen, complete the notes. You do not need to write in full sentences. You will hear the recording only once.

    Question 8 


    Two possible careers in esports

    – (i)______________and _____________

    – you need much (ii) _____________, _____________, and a very _____________


    Famous esports stars

    Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter

    – occupation: live streams games such as (ii) __________ and ___________

    – known for: having a __________ nature


    Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang

    – occupation: pro-gamer in Dota 2
    – known for: number 1 in Singapore and number (iii) ___ among the ______ players worldwide


    Student’s journey to become a professional gamer

    – joined (iv) ________________

    – struggled to ________________

    – finally found a ________________

    – ultimate goal is to play alongside a male team


    Other information about the esporting industry

    – many leave their careers (v) ________________

    – many establish side careers that are ________________ in one way or another

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