2020 Issues


Present Perfect helps youth find relevance and joy in learning.

Our magazine equips secondary school students with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the world, while preparing them for their english exams. 

Issue 01 | Celebrity 

From football to K-pop. What drives us crazy and makes us hold our breath? This issue looks at the people and the trends that excite, divide and unite us.

Issue 02 | Money 

From your screen to your pocket. What does money mean to us? Who and what gives money power over us? This issue looks at money and its effect on our lives. 

Issue 03 | Conflict 

From street protests to war. What drives people apart? What creates villains and enemies? This issue looks at conflict in the technological age. 

Issue 04/05 | Essay  

Expository, recount, argumentative, hybrid, situational. This issue offers writing skills and model essays for the 2019 GCE O Level paper.

Issue 06 | Future 

From 2020 to 2050. What does the future hold for you, your friends and your loved ones? This issue explores our thoughts, aspirations, and fears for the future.

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