Present Perfect helps youth engage with the world to find relevance and joy in learning.

Our magazine provides an exciting introduction to current affairs. Presented in the relevant O Level question formats, Present Perfect equips secondary school students with the knowledge they need to navigate the world, while preparing them for their exams

Our approach

Scaffolded learning

Content and skills are chunked into four learning units that progress in difficulty across to help support the student’s foray into current affairs.

Learner-centred online resources

Our learner profiling quiz curates a set of online resources catered to the student’s level of understanding of what was covered in print. These resources include grammar and writing tips, listening comprehension exercises, and more!

Sneak Peek into Print

2022 Lineup

ISSUE 01 | March

The Climate Issue

Themes: Environment

From going retro to upcycling to veganism, we investigate the hottest trends society is hopping on as we face a climate crisis.

ISSUE 02 | April

The Frontiers Issue

Themes: Science and Technology

From space tourism to hacking human mortality, we explore the boundaries being pushed in the name of progress.

ISSUE 03 | May

The SOS Issue

Themes: Health and Wellness

From memes to meditation apps, this issue examines the different resources we are turning to in times of trouble.

ISSUE 04/05 | July

The Essay Issue

Themes: O Level 2021 Essay Skills

Expository, argumentative, narrative, hybrid, situational. This double issue provides writing skills and model essays for the 2021 GCE O-Level Paper.

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