Listening Comprehension

What's Your Spirit Social Animal

2023 Issue 03 – The social network issue

Listen to a presentation about the different ways we connect on social media platforms. Then complete the notes below. The first has been filled in for you as an example.
  • Example: Knowing our social media profiles can help us use the platforms with more intention, and we can broaden our experiences by trying out other ways of interacting.
  • People who are (1) ____________ in the physical world tend not to use social media as much and their connection to their social media animal might not be as (2)_______________.
Dolphin: curious and outgoing
  • On social media to meet new people and socialise.
  • Main thought: “how many people have seen my post?”
  • Main activity: post
  • One thing to try: convert social media hours to (3) _____________________________
Raccoon: shy and conscientious
  • On social media to (4) _____________________.
  • Main thought: “Does this post accurately reflect me?”
  • Main activity: think a lot, do nothing
  • One thing to try: take time to form personal opinions on social media content

Panda: (5) _________________

  • On social media to keep connected with friends’ lives.
  • Main thought: “Let me like all my friends’ posts”
  • Main activity: like
  • One thing to try: (6) ______________ to try out an online recipe or other projects
Tiger: confident and assertive
  • On social media to contribute a point.
  • Main thought: (7) “________________________”
  • Main activity: comment
  • One thing to try: be more selective about the conversations you start

See Answers

  1. more engaged
  2. strong
  3. physical meet ups
  4. analyse everything
  5. calm and supportive
  6. invite a friend
  7. this is what I should say
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