10 minute HIIT Writing Skills

How to write an introduction

The introduction of your personal recount hooks your reader and sets the context for the rest of your essay. Here are two ways you can make an impression whilst orienting your reader to the key ideas of your story.

Step 01: Introduce your protagonist through details

Set the stage of your story by telling your reader what your protagonist is doing, thinking and feeling.

Less Detail

I waited on the side lines for our final match to begin.

Moderate Detail

I waited anxiously on the side lines for our final match to begin. The stakes of this match were sky high.

Very Detailed

I adjusted my jersey nervously, pacing the side lines as I waited for our final match to begin. This was our chance to become champion and end a seven year silver medal streak.

Step 02: Create a suspenseful setting

Describe the setting and context of your recount to create anticipation and pique your readers’ curiosity.

Low Suspense

The atmosphere was cheery. Students from both schools had travelled down to support their schoolmates for this match.

Moderate Suspsense

School cheers echoed across the stadium and flags fluttered near the stands. Students from both schools had gathered to witness the culmination of a years-long rivalry.

High Suspense

The loud cheers suddenly drew to an expectant hush as the referee signalled that the game was about to start. A years-long rivalry was at stake. Could today finally be a turning point for my school?