Get 30 days of online content and activities designed to help Secondary School students pace and prepare for the English Paper 1.

30-Day Challenge [2021 edition]


The challenge kicks off on 13 September 2021 with activities released weekly until 4 October 2021!

This price gives you 3 months access to the activities so that you can revisit them even after you have completed the 30 days.

Warm Up Quick Reads

Here you will stretch your writing muscles by taking a look at what’s going on around you to respond to and connect with the world. From pop music to the Olympics, our quick reads give you the 101s you need.

Essay Writing Bootcamp

Roll up your sleeves and get to drilling your fundamental essay writing skills. Our bootcamps teach you the basics of the different genres with practice sections for you to master.

Juice Bar Trivia

Drink up weekly trivia as our juice bars provide you some midweek relief with fun facts that can be used for your essay writing examples.

Don’t Skip Grammar Day

Getting tripped up by tricky grammar? On grammar days, we hand out tips and grammar practices that allow you to understand and avoid the common mistakes.

10-Minute HIIT: Writing Skills

Give your writing a boost in just 10 minutes! Pick up a quick skill that will give your essay that final polish.

Recovery Day

You’ve made it to the end of the week! Treat yourself with one (or all) of our suggested activities that you can do for rest and recovery before getting ready for next week’s workout. 


You can access the challenge on a maximum of 2 devices for each account.

All activities will be made available on the Present Perfect website. Login to your account here to access the activities if you have already purchased an access pass.

You will have access to the 30-Day Challenge for 3 months from the date of purchase.

All secondary school students who would like a step-by-step guide to improve their foundational essay writing skills before the upcoming English Paper 1 and O Level examinations. Packaged in a fun bite-sized 30-Day Challenge with essay writing bootcamps and grammar practice activities, students will get to read and write about interesting content topics, ranging from movies to fashion. 

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